How to Remove Ads From Android Apps Using Lucky Patcher?

Before talking about disabling ads, we need to know why they exist at the first place. Google play – the play store, encompasses numerous apps; few of which are paid and the rest unpaid. Paid apps get their money when people download them, while unpaid/free apps generate money through ads. The ads are usually provided by Google and often consume plenty of space, are irritating and some even get downloaded without your consent. So, how do we get rid of them? The best way we know so far is by Lucky Patcher. This app is popular for conducting actions that remove ads, tell you the status (memory) of your phone and helps you enjoy plenty of paid apps for free.

Disable ads from your Android phone while using applications and games requires a special trick. But it is a complex process, which is often repetitive and time consuming. But we bring you Lucky Patcher’s latest version that can remove all ads, banners, buying proposition that app developers add to get you on board their payment model. Lucky Patcher can disable ads so quickly, because it is developed for the sole aim to make Google Play store free for you and it is a lifetime access that enables all your Android devices an ad free experience.

Use of Lucky Patcher:

Although, Lucky Patcher has many credits in terms of features, removing ads is one of its best. Through this, it can even get you ad-ridden from complex apps like MX Player where being ad free is considered a luxury. A step-by-step guide with proper instructions will allow you to have an ads-free experience while being online through mobile devices. Please note that your device must be rooted to follow this tutorial.

remove ads from app using lucky patcher

Step to Disable Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher Apk:

Remember, while downloading Lucky Patcher properly, always look for Apk file as the other versions may be distorted.

  1. To avoid any hassles in downloading and functionality, Download Lucky Patcher here
  2. After you’ve successfully downloaded the app from the above link, simply click on it and go for installation.
  3. Now, look at your App drawer (the location where the downloaded file will appear) and open the downloaded file.
  4. You will see a total list of apps that is part of your device loading under Lucky Patcher.
  5. From the list, select the app from which you choose to remove ads instantly.
  6. On choosing, a page will appear with a button named “Open Menu of Patches”, clicking on which a long list of action items can be seen.
  7. You need to select the option of “Remove Ads” from the list.
  8. Clicking on “Patch to Remove Ads” button will initiate the action.
  9. To close the deal, click “Apply” and wait for a few seconds.
  10. This will patch the app by removing ads that existed earlier.
  11. Now, you can open the patched app to check how effective the procedure has been. If you’ve followed the guide diligently, you will be devoid of ads hereon.

This action can be similarly replicated for all the apps that are full of ads or contain content that get impromptu downloaded. In just few clicks, you’ll be able to experience an obstacle less never before online time on your mobile device.


If this tutorial has guided you in disabling ads from apps, please share your experience in the comments section. Also, let us know what else we can help you out with. It can be anything related to the same app or things that matter to you. We will arrange a tutorial for the same.

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