Lucky Patcher Apk Download for iOS| App Download Guide

If you’re constantly disappointed for not being able to download certain apps due to security reasons, in-app purchase amount, inconvenience of watching them due to ads and inability to store back-ups, you’re lucky to have met Lucky Patcher App. This fantastic app does all that is mentioned above and for free. Becoming popular first in the Android space, its features and efficiency couldn’t hold back iOS users to get it customized for them. So, now it is equally demanded in both domains and is a smartphone/tablet device specific app.


  1. This is the first of its kind ad blocker app that intelligently filter ads from the required content.
  2. It allows you to use paid apps for free without causing any disturbance in the functionality.
  3. You can conveniently change your UI and customize your launcher with nil risk through this app.
  4. Lucky Patcher gets you additional permissions to use a paid app to the maximum extent possible.
  5. In short it acts a barrier while saving you from unnecessary hurdles while working on the internet.
  6. It shows all the information about chosen apps, tell you whether they’re useful or not, shows how much space they’re occupying in your phone and which part of the memory is it sitting on.
  7. Enhances working quality of your phone.

Lucky Patcher for iOS v/s Lucky Patcher for Android:

Completely different from the way it is done on Android devices. The behavior of Apple Store is opposite to Google Play Store. Hence the Lucky Patcher iOS file is executed using a different app altogether. If you want the exact steps, keep reading about Lucky Patcher for iOS below.

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS

Download and Installation Process of Lucky Patcher App:

You must have tried finding it in itunes stores, but that didn’t work because it is unavailable there. With all that’s mentioned above you seem really eager to download it now. So let’s see how that’ll happen

  1. As this app was primarily built for Android phones, iOS had to redesign it to suit specific requirements. For the same, iOS users need to first download an app named iPadian before getting into the main one.
  2. After downloading the iPadian app, you need to search for Lucky Patcher and be ready to download it. For those who’re unaware, iPadian is an app store for iOS that allows one to download related apps through it. You must look for an APK file for download as other versions probably won’t work.
  3. After you’ve crossed the searching phase, if the results show positive for Lucky Patcher, download and install it as mentioned in the guidelines. The process may seek for permissions, terms and conditions and finally verification to complete. So, go ahead with it. In case of verification, certain settings changes might be needed. The step-by-step guide will help you then.
  4. Once done, you can have total control over annoying pop-ups, modification in apps and enjoy paid apps for free. You get absolute freedom from all junk obstacles with Lucky Patcher. Enjoy total fun with uncountable apps of your choice.

So, ready to make your friends jealous? Go for it..


iOS users with latest iPhones, iPads, and products must be glad that they can save some bucks using Lucky Patcher for free. If it is a relief, the above process is a door to freedom. Play as much as you want and enjoy apps that cost money without any payment or bills. Lucky Patcher for iOS, thus makes your life happier, easier and more enjoyable.

If this post helped you in any which way, do let us know in the comments section. For queries related to other functioning of this app, compatibility and hiccups, Write to Us , we are there to help you out.

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