How to Back Up Apps Using Lucky Patcher app?

Lucky Patcher backup feature is one of the most useful parts of this tool. Saving your app data by cloning them is the simplest way to take backup of all your apps using Lucky Patcher. If you did not know already about this feature, you must find out about it. We have explained how to take backup and keep information and files safe. Lucky Patcher is a multipurpose app as it lets you save money, save data and also save your most valuable time. If you have not used Lucky Patcher before, we here explain the process of installing Lucky Patcher, taking backup of apps and things you have to keep in mind before you clone and patch apps. These tips and tricks are outside of the Google Play Store, and our official Lucky Patcher team of app enthusiasts, is helping the users with these from time to time. We value android and iOS, applications and hacking them for fun is our only aim. The backup feature is free when you download Lucky Patcher apk.

Learn the steps and you will never have to look for another solution.

Installation Process Lucky Patcher:

  • Now getting the newly released Lucky Patcher app version is the first goal. This file or APK download of Lucky Patcher file will ensure a smooth installation without any glitches. This file is available on the homepage of our website. 
  • One push on the file will begin installation bar of the app
  • Click on logo to run Lucky Patcher on your device, this is all it takes to install the app

Installation of Lucky Patcher APK download is now complete. You must learn how to take backup of apps using this newly installed Lucky Patcher app.

backup apps using lucky patcher

Backup Process using Lucky Patcher:

  1. When you open Lucky Patcher for the first time there is a list of many applications that you can select and do additional tasks. Here to begin taking backup of any app, you have to select it.
  2. The app you select will be cloned as per your needs.
  3. When you select a particular app and click on the clone app feature, the app will begin cloning into a new APK file.
  4. Wait for the process to end. Once it finishes your app would have been successfully backed up. This clone is stored so that you can make use of in the future.

The process is easy to follow with the above steps, but you must keep the following instructions in mind too.

Things To Know Before Backing Up Using Lucky Patcher:

You cannot take backup without certain precautions and steps. It is a simple process if you keep few things in mind. App patching and storing as a clone gives you certain privileges too, so we have to do this wisely. The important thing is to completely finish modifying, patching and hacking the app first. Then only proceed with cloning or backup. Using the process without executing Lucky Patcher hacks will be a waste of time.


Now that you have learnt to take backup and store your data using Lucky Patcher, you can ditch the other hack and in-app purchase apps on your phone and get a single app for everything. This is an amazing opportunity and you must not miss. In case you have any doubts or comments regarding the process of Lucky Patcher APK for taking backup and cloning – let us know in the comment section. We are happy to assist and hear you out.

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