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Lucky Patcher APK is the solution you need for all kinds of simple yet essential mobile apps and gaming related hacks. Want to bypass your favorite Android games and other Android-based applications? All you need is the Lucky Patcher latest version, that is our special application, which can do it all for you within a single click. If you do not know about it this app already, then it is time that you understood and get to the gaming adventure or unlock in-app purchases you are missing out because of the payment issues. Just download and get it on your device to enjoy the benefits that many Lucky Patcher users thank us for.

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Worried about payments? No need to pay a single dime. All versions of Lucky Patcher are absolutely free for our users. The app is developed and created for gamers all over the globe. Unlike other application developers, we are not charging a hefty sum for premium features, because we understand you are trying to get free of cost app purchases. So, we have made it like a free giveaway for everyone who loves apps and games.

  • New Android Patches are Added and Updated to this version
  • Better and effective custom patches updated
  • ARM64 enabled Android Patches to make it work on all the latest smartphones out in the market.
  • Now disable signature manager directly from the package manager
  • New advanced proxy feature for play store.
  • All new custom patches and releases added
  • Bug fixes
  • Added new languages and improved translation for up to 200 languages
  • New languages introduced
  • Work with Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Eclair

Download the Lucky Patcher APK v.7.4.8

Lucky Patcher v.7.4.8 Features


Backup Your Favorite Apps

Lucky Patcher does not save your data directly but it does create a backup of all the applications so it always has you covered in case of data loss. In situations when you restore your phone to the previous working version or upgrade it, Lucky Patcher takes care of your favorite apps.

Patches Any Android App

Ability to apply custom patches to modify any Android Application is a feature we have integrated with Lucky Patcher. You can patch any app in your android device according to your need and preference. Any custom mod that you figured out or downloaded from Android will work with our app too.

Hack Games & Android Apps

If you have a game where you are stuck because you do not have enough resources/coins/gems or you want some filters that are in-app purchases for a photo editing app, then Lucky Patcher is your money saver and best friend.

Remove Ads from Any App

This amazing app can modify any app up to any extent and you can even restrict ads to show up in the middle of your favorite game, movie or anything while using it. Your mobile will be smarter with Lucky Patcher as it will dodge ads, spammy stuff and more.

Bypass License Application

Lucky Patcher can also remove the license verification of any android application so you will never have to pay to use any app on Google Play Store. A simple way to bypass a tedious problem.

The best thing about Lucky Patcher: With Lucky Patcher, you never will have to pay anyone at all to use these so-called premium features swapping dollars from your account. All versions and bug fixes support is free for lifetime.

We as a team of app lovers and passionate developers have found solution to many of your Android apps related problems with one app, from now onwards just use Lucky Patcher and you will never have to spend a single penny on your favorite games and apps in Android Play Store; no more in-app purchases, 100% safe mods and custom applications that too with auto backup.

How to Download Lucky Patcher APK and Use it.

You can very well understand that this application is borderline illegal and, therefore, it does not find its place on the Google Play Store but there are ways that you can get it and instructions/steps are given down below for you to follow.

  • We believe that you have already downloaded lucky patcher apk from the above download button.
  • The next thing that you have to do is enable the unknown sources option from your phone settings and the security menu because the Android Operating System treats software from outside the Google Play Store as suspicious.
  • After that, you can install the application like any other normal Android app.
  • As soon as the application is installed and running successfully you must go back and disable the unknown sources option that you had previously activated because it is a security gap which can be misused by hackers and malicious programs.

Old Lucky Patcher Releases

Lucky Patcher 6.4.2

  • Now disable signature manager from your control panel
  • play store enabled with proxy features like settings.
  • Shifting to latest and upgraded patches to work on new popular apps
  • Bug fixed
  • Added new languages and improved translation for upto 120 languages
  • Work with Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Froyo, Eclair

Lucky Patcher 6.4.1

  • Modified the source code and updated core speed functionality
  • Battery consumption reduced while tool is working
  • UI changed and more game hacks added
  • Some popular android apps patches which were not working earlier are now fixed.
  • Custom patches to mod apps
  • Bug fixes

Lucky Patcher 6.3.9

  • esolved ad blocking and showing activity monitor
  • Available in 20 new languages
  • Added new apps ad removal function
  • Translations updates
  • Bugs fixed

Lucky Patcher 6.3.8

  • Fix show Ads Activity
  • Activity function to optimize and handle the process created
  • Removed old lag and response delays
  • Added more security and mods for Play store
  • Added translations
  • Bug fixes

Lucky Patcher 6.3.7

  • Fixed Xposed module on firmware.
  • Fixed Google Android patch for CM14 on ARM64.
  • Translation error fixes.
  • Bug fixes added.

Lucky Patcher 6.3.6

  • No more clone apps
  • You have more control over selections and patches
  • Custom patches added to a new label
  • Translation fixes for Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher 6.3.5

  • Optimized speed and improved patching
  • ARM64 patches upgrade
  • Translations Updates
  • Bugs fixing

Lucky Patcher 6.3.4

  • Fixed patches for apps on external memory unit
  • Bugs resolved
  • Source code fixes
  • Backup feature added

Lucky Patcher 6.3.3

  • CM Firmware update- android patches fixed
  • Updated translations.
  • Needed version control and other clean up
  • Bugs fixes

Lucky Patcher 6.3.2

  • Interaction with other apps removed
  • Bug fixes
  • Increased patch speed
  • Mods now aid gamers and app license verification

Lucky Patcher 6.3.1

  • Version launched
  • UI/UX changes
  • New language support and conversion
  • Hack more games with this update

Testimonials from our Users

Lucky patcher is the only app that actually works, I am a game addict and I hate it when these ads show up in the middle of the game so this amazing app restricts them all together the mods and hacks are wonderful. – Tuna Moi

I insist all your students to have this tool for it can unlock all other applications for you. As an Android user, I love that it is an outsider to the Play store world and still can mod, patch anything and everything – J Hobb

My Lucky Patcher for iPhone installation was the best decision of 2017. A 3 step process all it took to get me unlimited coins and gems for my favorite games – Giana T

Must have it for its backup feature which makes Lucky Patcher unbeatable among its alternative apps. – Mia

 An App which offers control over permissions of other apps when they are installed on your device, in order to articulate the apps is known as a modded app store, and Lucky Patcher is one such app store that has been developed in the recent times with prominence. The app has been quintessential throughout through which one can modify the apps by changing the permissions, creating backups, deleting, adding and regulating the app data as well. However, to enable Lucky Patcher on the device, you have to root the device and install the app just like you do with any other app that requires root. Once the installation is done, you can see the apps listed on the Lucky Patcher store with different options like App’s info, Uninstall, Access Tools, Clear Data etc.



Lucky Patcher has the same functionality as Google Store, and by having it, you can gain control over the apps that are installed on your device. By installing Lucky Patcher on your device, you can modify the apps by tresspassing their limitations as the special tools that are embedded in Lucky Patcher helps you in using the apps without any constraints. The apps can be run even in critical conditions where the ads won’t bother you anymore, and every app acts in accordance with your preferences.

Developer of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is developed by a famous developer ground that got significant around the world under the name, Chelpus. They have released the app in different versions and have been updating the app ever since with the single goal of modifying all the apps across the globe in order to trespass the limits. If you confront with any issues while using the app, you can contact them for further support. Lucky Patcher is mainly used to access the premium apps that require subscription or the in-app purchases that help in evolution of the game. While the app developers ever since the Exodus revolution has applied brakes on the privacy levels of the games, Lucky Patcher is one of those apps that offers modded versions of all the apps that are available on the Google Play Store.

What does Lucky Patcher do?

Lucky Patcher, like an app store, when installed on your smartphone initially, analyzes all the apps that are on your phone and then gives you the recommended options. By installing Lucky Patcher on your phone, you can get rid of the license verifications that are usually asked for apps that are downloaded from Play Store. Lucky Patcher modifies the app permissions that are associated with the play store apps. It starts with extracting the APK versions of these apps and then creates backups before modding the apps. The modded apps will allow you to perform many actions like unlocking premium apps, unlocking buyable in-app purchases, removing ads that are played in the apps efficiently. You only have to root the device using several one-click root tools like TowelRoot, KingRoot, etc. Once you’re done installing, you will see different colour codes in the app to indicate the compatibility of the apps.

Features of Lucky Patcher:

Apart from all features mentioned above, the Lucky Patcher offers the user with many other features ranging from the associated permissions to the modded description of apps. The app only requires a minimum version of Android to run it on your device, and it distinctively gives you the information on which of the apps is modified and which has not been tampered with. The app lets you know about the integrity of an app that you might have downloaded from an unknown source on the internet.

1.    Using the Lucky Patcher, the user can control all the installed apps on their Android device.

2.    All of the apps on your device are displayed on the homepage, where you can see the details of all the apps.

3.    Lucky Patcher gives you descriptive information about the chosen app, which you can change by modding the app.

4.    It lets you delete the unnecessary data, information or even uninstall the app from the device.

5.    If needed, the Lucky Patcher also removes the license of the premium apps that you’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store.

6.    Lucky Patcher can create backups for the chosen apps and restore them. It lets you restore the apps later if things go wrong by booting the patches.

7.    You can use your apps in the device without the hassle of Google Ads popping up in the app.

8.    The app lets you give different colour codes for different operations in the app making things easier for the user.

9.    You can create a modified application or even make the application pro by applying a custom patch to the app using Lucky Patcher. It can also solve compatibility errors if any.

10.                  The Lucky Patcher makes it easy to update the application without any further searching and also lets you the clear cache of the app without the need of rebooting the device.

11.                  You can make anonymous purchases in Google Play store using Lucky Patcher without letting the Play store know.

Colour Codes of Lucky Patcher:

As mentioned earlier, Lucky Patcher shows different codes when installed to display the compatibility:

1.    Blue – The app contains Google Ads

2.    Yellow – A specific patch of modded version is available.

3.    Orange – It is a system app.

4.    Green – The App is off the list on Google Play Store.

5.    Red – The app can’t be modded.

6.    Purple – The App is in the startup phase.

Some of the features that are listed above might not be sounding licit, but all of them are safe to perform, and they usually help you in dealing with the apps without any hassles. For example, if you have downloaded an app from the Google Play, you can’t get a better version of the app from any external source with a better functionality and the only way to update by updating the vanilla version of the app from the Play Store. Lucky Patcher, on the other hand, extracts these apps from your phone and modifies them by deleting all the limitations that are set by the developers and allows full access to the apps.

How to Download Lucky Patcher App?

Lucky Patcher is an Android app and is available in APK version. To download Lucky Patcher on your smartphone, you need to access a third party source as it is not officially available on the Google Play Store.

1.    In cases where you’re frightened about exposing your device to potential threats caused by malware that is hidden in the files provided by external sources, you can download the app from this website which is assured to be trustworthy.

2.    By clicking on the below link, you can get the APK file on your device. You can either download it directly from the mobile browser or open it in the web browser, download it and then transfer it to the mobile either using a USB cord or through Bluetooth.

3.    Once you’re done with getting the APK file on the phone, access it from the notification bar. Be sure that you have enabled downloading from third party sources if you’re using Lucky Patcher on the phone. To do that go to System Settings and then to Security.

4.    Locate the option saying, “Unknown Sources” to download the Lucky Patcher APK file. From the file manager, access it and then click on it in order to start the installation. Tap the ‘Install’ option and wait for the installation to be done with patience.

Why should you download Lucky Patcher APK?

The major reason behind downloading Lucky Patcher APK from Google Play Store is because most of the apps have license verifications. Therefore, to get rid of such verifications, the apps are to be modified which can be done easily using the Lucky Patcher. Any app that is installed on the device can be bypassed without any errors using the Lucky Patcher, and you can also transfer/share the modded apps to other devices by a single sharing option. Lucky Patcher is extremely light in weight and it works efficiently on the rooted devices.

How to hack In-app Purchases using Lucky Patcher?

1.    After downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher on your device, you should launch it initially to run it on the device. After opening the app, start with minimising the app. Now, open the app that you want to hack.

2.    Go to the purchase option of the app and then opt for the ‘Get’ or ‘Buy’ option in there. A new window will open in the Lucky Patcher instead of the Google Play Store purchase.

3.    This new window of Lucky Patcher will display a message asking if you want to try the particular app for free. Click on ‘Yes’ if your phone is already rooted and opt for ‘Send Reply’ if you are the Non-rooted user.

4.    After being done with this, you can make all the in-app purchases of the particular app entirely for free. Make sure that your app is supported by Lucky Patcher as most of the apps fail while applying the custom patch.

5.    When you are using Lucky Patcher, you will see that the in-app purchase option is automatically enabled. When you want to disable it and open the purchase through Google Play store, go to the bottom left of the app and ‘Disable Google Billing Emulation’ to get the normalcy back.

How to Hack Free Coins/Gems using Lucky Patcher?

Hacking the coins is similar to hacking the in-app purchases with a slight difference. You should know that most of the games or apps contain free coins or gems which make the game easy and helps in climbing the gaming levels. Acquiring coins on server-linked games is not easy especially when you’re dealing with Google purchases. One has to hack the game that is to be played along with the coins which are why Lucky Patcher provides custom patches that make things easier. By using Lucky Patcher, one can hack unlimited coins through sending requests to the official servers, and the patch helps in trespassing it to gain unlimited sources.

How to acquire Modded Apps of Lucky Patcher?

1.    Start with downloading the Lucky Patcher and installing it. Once after installation, launch it from the system tray menu and run it. Now from the list of the apps displayed, click on the app that has to be modded.

2.    By clicking on this app, you will get to see different options available under “Open the Menu for Patches”. Select it and from the menu, click “Create Modded APK”.

3.    If the patch is already available, you can directly download it. If you don’t find the option, click on “APK rebuilt for in-app and LVL emulsion”. After clicking on this, you will see an option asking for permission for “Rebuild the App”. Click on it and wait for the formation of the custom patch. Be patient for the app to show the success so that you can know that you’ve cracked the app, successfully.

How to remove Google Ads using Lucky Patcher?

1.    The most basic and important reason why people download Lucky Patcher is that they want to get rid of the apps that are in between. Therefore, open the Lucky Patcher after installing it.

2.    Reach the home page and then search for that specific app from which you want the ads to disappear. Select it by clicking on it and avail the options.

3.    From the options, click on “Open Menu of the Patches” and go through it until you find the patch saying, “APK file without Google Ads”.

4.    Tap on the option and wait for the Modded APK to be created with patience. Once the custom patch is formed, you can rebuild the app as mentioned above or just uninstall the vanilla version to install this version.

Lucky Patcher FAQ:

Can we use Lucky Patcher legally?

Yes, Lucky Patcher can be used safely without any complications. Around 20 million people have downloaded the app, and there haven’t been a single incident where things got clumsy or that someone has faced any issue because of the app. The software indulged in the app is not malicious which is why it won’t create any damage to the app. While using the Lucky Patcher, you will confront few warnings and errors from the Google Play Store either because of the absence of official usage or because of inconsistent internet connection.

Can Lucky Patcher be downloaded on iOS devices?

Lucky Patcher is as of now only available in the APK version and therefore can be downloaded on the Android devices. As the app world is at a faster pace, it would be only a while that the app will be designed for the iOS devices as well. There are many alternative apps available for the iOS devices that can be installed for the similar functionality.

Will Government or App Developers take any action if I’m using Lucky Patcher?

Recently, many prominent games and few social networking apps like Snapchat have been blocking users who use the apps through modified versions. Lucky Patcher, on the other hand, stays hidden and unidentified even when you’re using a modded version which is why you don’t have to worry about the blocking or loss of game data. Lucky Patcher is also not held as an illicit app by the government, and no significant action will be taken against you if you’re using the app. Therefore, there’s nothing to be frightened of, if you’re using Lucky Patcher.

Does Lucky Patcher contain modded versions of all Apps?

In the contemporary era, we come across tonnes and tonnes of apps being launched every day. Therefore, it is not possible to make a modded version for each app. Lucky Patcher is designed in a very different way, and therefore, the functionality is also different from other apps stores. Lucky Patcher extracts the apps that are already installed on your phone and then bypasses the default security in order to modify them which is why some apps might not be very compatible with Lucky Patcher and most of the times it depends on your luck. In case if you are looking for a modded version of an odd app, you need to be little knowledgeable of Lucky Patcher.

Why are there multiple Lucky Patcher updates?

The same reason as we come across many updates of the apps on Google Play Store, the Lucky Patcher is also constantly updated in order to provide recently developed custom patches which are compatible with the updated versions of the apps. With each new version of Lucky Patcher, you will get updated custom patches available for the games.

What’s the functionality of Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher works in a very simple way. As mentioned earlier, it extracts the apps that are on your smartphone and then modifies the app to replace the original code of the app with the code of the modified version. In cases where replacing seems to be difficult, it deletes the entire code and then forms a new code to avail the features of the app. After applying the modded patches by the Lucky Patcher, you can remove license verifications, Google ads and offers in-app purchases, etc.

What’s the procedure involved in modding of apps by Lucky Patcher?

Custom patches are created by Lucky Patcher for each app that crosses all the boundaries that are set by the developers. However, a thing to understand is that the patches work in 50% of the situations where patches are created. This is because the security systems set by the app developers. On the other hand, the ads can be 100% removed without any obstacles, and there is no luck factor involved in this case. Lucky Patcher hacks the in-app purchases especially when they are non-server purchases and when the apps include server related purchases, then one has to go through server hacking.

Why does Lucky Patcher become slow?

Lucky Patcher often becomes slow and hangs in between while you’re using it. The reason behind the slowing down of Lucky Patcher is because either you have Android Gingerbread version running on it or if your device is old enough. If the reason behind your slowing down is one of these two conditions, you can either upgrade the software or buy a new device, on the whole. If the app is still lagging despite these two reasons, it might be because your app is not is no properly installed or you are using some superuser app which is obstructing the performance of Lucky Patcher. If that’s the case, it is recommended to use SuperSU or Busybox.

What were the cases when the Custom Patch is not applied?

As mentioned earlier, Lucky Patcher lists out all the apps that are already installed. Therefore, on the home page, you can see these apps with different available options, and you have to check the case where if a custom patch is available. Even though the custom patches are given at times, sometimes they tend to be non-applicable, and the reason is the incompatibility. In such cases, one has to either upgrade the app or downgrade the app so that the patch stays compatible with the app.

Is Lucky Patcher, harmful?

While using Lucky Patcher, you might come across warnings from either Google Play Store or from Google Chrome displaying various messages saying that the app is harmful. This message is generic for all the apps that are downloaded from third-party sources and therefore, you can ignore them. Lucky Patcher is entirely safe to use.

How can we resolve the Lucky Patcher – Not opening Error?

If you have installed the Lucky Patcher successfully and even then the Modded store is not opening, then you should initially try an install and uninstall option. If the Play Store is giving you a prompt saying ‘Force Close’ then close the app and then click on ‘Clear Data’ by going to the Settings and then visiting App Manager. If the store is entirely disappeared from the tray menu, you can try the incompatible version of the Lucky Patcher before you see the right one.


Support for Lucky Patcher 

How to get support for Lucky Patcher?

We are just a comment, email, Fan Page message or call away. Our team is assisting users 24x7x365

How to use lucky patcher translator?

English is the default language for Lucky Patcher, however, you can contact us to get a version transcript in your language.

What is modded Play Store and how it can be installed on my Android Device?

Watch this brilliant video made by our team to teach you everything step by step about the modded Play Store. Go back to top for the video.

How to Install Google Play Store with Google Play Default Installer?

You need to install “Google Play Installer vx.x.x (Google Play Store vx.x.x)”, run the apk, install it and restart.

How to reach us?

Use the contact us button given in the header menu or footer menu to reach us.


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